The Stick and Hack Show is back with another episode, full of golf news, a superstar guest, and a round of Snap Judgment. Guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat. That may be overselling it a bit, but it’s a great show, folks. We start off with a discussion of the recent USGA and The R&A “Distance Insights” report. The two-year analysis of 57 reports concluded that, yep, increasing distance is making golf easier, and it’s bad for the game.

Mike, our in-house Stick, calls BS (sort of). While technology has changed the game, fitness, training regimens, and a more “athletic” approach to golf is behind the massive difference in distance from decades past. It’s like the 1980s NBA vs. 2020s NBA. And what does it mean for the non-pro? Not too much, in our opinion. Listen in for our insights.

The caliber of our guests is incredible, and we’re continuing our winning streak with Elisa Gaudet. Elisa is the founder of Women’s Golf Day, an organization that has already delivered experiences to over 50,000 girls and women at 900+ venues in 52 countries. WGD is “dedicated to engaging, empowering and supporting women through golf.” Elisa is also an accomplished writer, speaker, executive, strategic consultant, and contributor on Fox, CBS, and local news stations around the country.

We’re excited to hear Elisa’s thoughts on:

  • Her vision for Women’s Golf Day
  • The ambitious goal of getting everybody around the globe to host/participate in WGD events on the same day
  • Whether she sees herself as an activist, connector, golf lover – or all of the above
  • Her work on the PGA in the early 2000s and how it helped shape her next career steps
  • Engaging a friend, coworker, relative, neighbor, or even a stranger on a regular basis and talking about golf
  • Golf’s awkward “teenage” years
  • How people, brands, and clubs can support WGD’s work and events

Listen in to learn more about Elisa and Women’s Golf Day. Visit to get more info on events and see how you or your local club can get involved.

We could’ve just packed up and gone home after that interview, but we’re giving you a little more. In the Clubhouse this time, we’re playing a round of Snap Judgment – a rapid-fire Q&A. Find out what Mike thinks:

  • Who is your favorite golfer (not Tiger)?
  • Do you wish you had dedicated your life to golf?
  • What’s the most overrated course in the world?
  • Does your milkshake really bring all the boys to the yard? (Whoops. Wrong game)
  • Could you win or have won “The Big Break”?
  • Do you play golf with me only for the sake of the show?

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