Check out Friday Mike’s Long-Awaited Tell-All Expose– the contents of his Golf Bag. 

Lately, I have noticed an unusual and, frankly, somewhat voyeuristic interest in the contents of other people’s golf bags.

Invasive magazines occasionally publish the contents of bags carried by professionals (or, more specifically, their caddies). These typically are highlighted by high-end clubs and other items made from otherworldly metals. There are usually exotic training aids that help them fine-tune their games and snacks that are a level above the standard issue Fifth Avenue bars. I’m not convinced that we’re seeing absolutely everything in those bags, but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief.

After intense pressure, I have decided to reveal the contents of my bag. Interested readers (and even those who claim not to be interested) should understand that my trusty red golf bag has so many pockets that there are some that I haven’t visited in a while. All of us might be surprised at what can be found in the deep recesses of these locations.

With that warning out of the way, here is my list:

  • A set of Ping G410 irons. The entire set sees a lot of use, although the 4 iron generally is used only for protection from aggressive reptiles or on-course dogs and for fighting through underbrush in search of wayward balls.
  • A TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver, the best club I’ve ever owned.
  • A Moon Wood MW8 25-degree. Sometimes a great club, sometimes one I threaten to break in half.
  • One Odyssey mallet putter. Did not come with a guarantee.
  • Six Titleist golf balls. 
  • Six Sugar golf balls (use code STICKHACK for $5 off). 
  • Five superhero golf balls from Volvik (Two Incredible Hulk, Two Captain America, One Iron Man) Don’t judge. I was an avid reader of Marvel Comics as a kid. I tend to think I can play more aggressively with superhero golf balls.
  • Three scarred balls for use on water holes.
  • One package of Game Face hand and body wipes. (use code STICKANDHACK for 25% off)
  • Six divot tools (seven if you count the one that’s broken).
  • The following ball markers: Quail Hollow, The Players, Furman University, Mickey Mouse.
  • Eight plastic ball markers.
  • Several dozen Western Birch 3¼-inch tees.
  • Three well past worn in golf gloves.
  • One tube of Banana Boat 30 sunscreen.
  • Three face masks.
  • One overly stressed ball retriever.
  • Four scorecards.
  • One rain jacket.
  • One sock. (Don’t ask).
  • One pack of Lance crackers with three crackers remaining.
  • Several Snickers wrappers. Sadly, empty.
  • Weatherman golf umbrella. (get 20% off your purchase with code STICKANDHACK)
  • Three receipts from paid green fees, dated 2020.
  • Seventy-eight cents in change.
  • One Scramble Stick.
  • Three golf towels.
  • One wire brush.
  • One valuables pouch (for the snickers wrappers and spare change, of course).
  • One bottle of Aleve.

Things I’m pleased that I didn’t find: an old banana, a mouse (dead or alive), an unpaid bill, a pack of snack cakes marked  “BEST IF USED BY 3-15.”

Mike Hembree

Mike Hembree is a veteran journalist who has covered a variety of sports for numerous publications and websites, including USA Today, Fox Sports, TV Guide and The Greenville (S.C.) News. He has written 14 books and has won numerous writing awards at the national, regional and state levels. He is a seven-time winner of the National Motorsports Press Association Writer of the Year Award.