There is a debate that grows within golf circles regarding the difficulty, beauty, and design of famous golf holes that would rival most politically charged discussions on a Sunday morning news program.

There are opinions, facts, and first-hand knowledge of the challenge or picturesque setting these holes have to offer. These conversations usually end with a snappy response of, “you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” But the debate rages on in clubhouses, bars, and along the fairways of your local municipal course. What is the greatest golf hole of all time?

This question goes to the heart of the Stick and Hack mentality as some want architecture and undulating greens while others want large and open fairways that leave a fun approach shot from any angle. Whether it is island greens or a hole protected by bunkers or perhaps natural dunes giving you a blind shot at the hole, most golfers see different things in the golf holes they love.

Homestretch Golf, a paperless pre-round pari-mutual software designed for clubs and golfers, is putting the ultimate head to head competition into play and hopefully putting an end to the debate once and for all. Starting this week a 16-hole head to head tournament culminating in a winner voted on by you and others around the world. You will be able to watch as your favorite golf hole move through the competition or is beat out by an unknown.

Featuring famous holes from Augusta,  TPC at Sawgrass, Pacific Dunes, and more. Click below to cast your vote each day this week starting with round 1 Tuesday, May 19th and concurrent rounds each day this week.

Make sure you cast your vote and follow along all week to and send us pictures of you playing any of these holes throughout your life.