In our recent episode of the Stick & Hack Show, CBS Sports’ Brian Jones shared his start with golf in adulthood. 

“I had no clubs, I used a buddy’s clubs, and I got hooked. And the first thing I did after that round, I wasn’t thinking about clubs, I got me some badass golf shoes.” Jones said, “Who buys the golf shoes first? I was ass-backward.” 

Although unorthodox, Jone’s outlook isn’t the first of its kind, and he certainly won’t be the last person ever to buy the golf shoes first. With brands like Nike and New Balance taking on the course from a completely fresh perspective, and with celebrities like Jack Harlow, Macklemore, and Schoolboy Q posing with clubs and courses, there’s a new wave of golf fashion in progress.

The modernization of golf in my opinion is most evident in the latest golf shoes dropping into the market. Not long ago, golfers had a handful of options and they were most likely choosing between white, black, and brown. Flare came by way of tassels, or oxford-style wingtips. Now, you see some of the most popular shoe models in a wide variety of athletics including; basketball, skateboard, and running, all available as a spikeless golf shoe. 

Below are our top five picks of ‘modern’ golf shoes that stand out to us this season.

New Balance Golf Fresh Foam Links

New Balance makes some of the most comfortable shoes available on the market today and their new Fresh Foam Links golf shoes are no exception. Following the popular trend in the industry at the moment, New Balance took one of the most popular models in their lineup and added soft spikes to create a sporty and versatile golf shoe that you could wear on or off the course. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line comfort, performance, and style for less than $100, this is the shoe for you. 

The Golf Shoe that started a frenzy. After their release on January 21st, these Nike Air Jordan 1 Low G Golf Shoes were sold out at most major retailers.

Air Jordan 1 Low 

If you’re a sneakerhead, you likely already know about the newly released Air Jordan 1 Low spikeless golf shoe. The low-profile sole makes this shoe very discreet and makes it look far more like a sneaker than a golf shoe. The street to fairway transition over the past decade has brought golf fashion into modern times and releases like this retro Jordan turned spikeless golf shoe are dominating the industry. If you’re hoping to get your hands on these you can expect to pay around $150.

Nike Air Max 270 G Golf Shoe

Throughout the past few years, Nike has released a handful of new golf shoe models from their Air Max series that has been popular since the late ‘80s. The Air Max options from Nike are some of my favorite golf shoes currently because of the classic sneaker style mixed with top golf course performance. The new Air Max 270 G golf shoe is definitely at the top of my favorites list for Nike Air Max golf shoe releases. As Nike explains, this model is “a stitch-for-stitch reconstruction of the original big Air icon, with the addition of breathable mesh…” The Air Max 270 G spikeless golf shoe is available for men and women in a variety of colors and retails on the Nike site for around $150.

G/FORE Gallivanter 

If you are looking for the classic golf shoe with all of the benefits and features of a modern golf shoe, look no further than the undeclared leader in modern golf shoes, G/FORE, and specifically the Gallivantor model. These boast a simply elegant look and are available in several materials including knit and most popularly, leather. The Gallivanter is a classy model that seems to be from before our modern times but the spikeless bottoms and breathable, massaging soles lead them to this generation of golfers. The combination of style, comfort, and performance is well worth a price tag of $185. 

TRUE linkswear All Day Ripstop

TRUE linkswear has made waves in the modern golf shoe space by creating high-performing, minimalist style, lightweight golf shoes for the golfer of today. By focusing on enhancing performance, minimizing their environmental footprint, and keying into a modern street style, TRUE linkswear has developed a solid reputation and large following in a short period of time. Their new spikeless All Day Ripstop model is the most sustainable shoe they’ve created to date, with each component made from recycled and renewable materials. The temperature regulating wool liner combined with the polyester shell keeps you cool and dry on hot days and warm and dry on cold wet days. The versatility and performance of this shoe are tough to match. They are available now for $150.

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Today’s golf manufacturers have pushed the boundaries and with some opposition, pulled the game out of its grave and into modern times. The rules, the equipment, the golf courses, the fashion, have all changed to adapt to a new era. For the first time in the long history of golf, change and opportunity are abundant and people have more options than ever before. 

We’d love to hear what you think of this list and which shoes you think should have been included.