“Sorry can’t make it, I am at the U.S. Open.” That is a text I have sent many times over the past few days when asked to play golf, meet for lunch, and a few times when it wasn’t necessary. For those that I really want to make jealous, I send a follow-up pic with me and Tony Finau, or a video of Bryson hammering away on hole 1 during a practice round.

Yes, I am at the U.S. Open.

As part of our journey to tell the stories of golf and to showcase the side that most don’t see on T.V., Stick & Hack is putting together a video series entitled “Making a Major” and highlighting the over 4,000 volunteers that make this amazing event, a major event.

I have been to major golf events, but to have a media credential that you flash to security to get to the other side of the magical ropes that keeps most away, is addicting. While fans are scarce still at this event the energy and excitement are not. These fans and players know how special this major is and they know the storylines that are in front of us and those that are yet to unfold.

The players seem to glide from the putting green to the practice facility and to their respective player’s area. Some with big entourages and some with just their caddie. Their preparation, discussion, and the process seem so calculated and methodical, granted this is coming from somebody who doesn’t even take a warm-up swing before a round of golf. They’re fist-bumping and saying “hey bud” to agents, media, old friends, and the faces they see week in and week out.

It has been 28 hours since I first stepped foot in the media center and while I soak it in, I also plot my return and copy/paste the following response to all emails and texts…“Sorry can’t make it, I am at the U.S. Open.”