We have all had that one shining thought of perfection standing at the tee box. A majestic drive that draws 5-10 yards, the low punch under a tree that trickles onto the green, or perhaps the 245-yard 3-wood that puts you in eagle range. Yep, we have all had those thoughts and visions. But what happens when reality fails us and we top it, skull it, or shank it as opposed to the perfect shot we imagined?

Doubt creeps in.

The number one sin in golf as cited by many professionals, instructors, and golf guru’s around the world is simply doubting yourself. So what if you didn’t think? What if you just stood up there and let your body do what it has done thousands of times before?

Noah Pilipsky, the founder of Peaceful Golf, is on this week’s Stick and Hack Show and brings with him a unique style of not thinking about anything when he plays. Literally. His style is studied, argued, and perhaps one of the most difficult things for an athlete or weekend warrior to obtain. A true zen-like experience on the golf course.

Listen to his theories and how this approach will help you reconnect to the game of golf, yourself, and those around you.