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In top golf pro shops around the country and along courses from coast to coast, you’re likely to see striking and unusual umbrellas on display and in use.

These relatively new umbrella designs are the products of a sort of revolution in the world of umbrellas and are particularly attuned to the needs of golfers, both professional and otherwise.

They’re the result of intensive research by Weatherman Umbrella, a New York City-based firm that was founded in 2017 and now occupies a big space in the world of golf.

Weatherman’s Golf Umbrella was launched in early 2018. It features industrial-strength fiberglass that is windproof up to 55 miles per hour, offering a solid choice for golfers who have watched other umbrellas buckle in the wind on particularly windy golf-course days. The Golf Umbrella also has water repellent fabric with the highest level of UPF 50+ for sun protection.

For a special touch, Weatherman added a mesh pocket inside the umbrella for a player’s glove or scorecard. There also is a silicone-coated rip to hang a golf towel.

This is not your average umbrella.

“When we conceived what Weatherman was, it was originally to disrupt the product category with a superior umbrella and an elevated customer experience designed for the world we live in today,” said Tyler Kupper, Weatherman’s chief revenue officer, and a founding partner in the company.

Kupper said Weatherman designed “a professional umbrella that meets not only our standards but was a natural addition to both a professional and casual golfer’s bag.”

The Weatherman umbrella was conceived by nationally recognized meteorologist Rick Reichmuth. Reichmuth had a history of covering storms all over the United States, and that experience led him to conclude that there wasn’t an umbrella that met his strong standards. So he decided to design one himself, and the Weatherman Umbrella was introduced to consumers in 2018.

The design has been a winner. Golf Digest has named the Weatherman Umbrella an Editors Choice winner four times. The product line has five sizes, including a purse/briefcase size and two golf sizes to accommodate walkers, riders, and push cart users.

The umbrella attracted attention at high levels immediately. Weatherman has partnered with the 2018 and 2020 Ryder Cup teams, the 2019 United States and international Presidents Cup teams, and the 2019 Solheim Cup teams and has a license with the Arnold Palmer group to create a collection around his iconic umbrella logo.

Weatherman has launched four designs with the Palmer organization. They include the AP Classic and the AP Aviation, which includes Palmer’s signature plane tail number.

“Arnold Palmer chose an umbrella logo to represent his brand, and so clearly the umbrella is an important part of our story,” according to Arnold Palmer Enterprises. “Weatherman umbrellas are a fantastic reflection of our commitment to quality and functionality, and we are very happy to be partnering with them.”

Weatherman also has a collaboration with five-time LPGA champion Danielle Kang and sells an umbrella based on her design.

Additionally, Weatherman has a four-year partnership with Folds of Honor, an Oklahoma-based non-profit that provides educational scholarships for children of fallen United States soldiers. The brightly designed Folds of Honor umbrellas have been popular, and Weatherman donates $5 from the sale of each, leading to contributions totaling $300,000 since 2017.