First off, we want to wish everyone out there a Happy New Year 2020, we hope this year makes all of your golf wishes come true, even if it is to get the ball airborne more than twice a round!

Here is a quick outline of the changes that are now in effect for the new USGA/R&A World Handicap system.  What is the R&A you ask? It doesn’t matter, just buckle up b/c here is all the information you’ll need to know (whether you post all your scores or not) for this coming golf season.

Minimum Number of Scores

Back in the day (literally a week ago) you had to post a minimum of 5, 18 Hole rounds to establish a GHIN handicap.  The new system only requires you to post a total of 54 holes with any combination of 18 or 9 hole rounds. We really like this change as it is going to give folks who don’t already have a handicap a lot more flexibility, especially if you find it difficult to get out on a regular basis for 18 holes.

8 Best Scores

The old number was 10, but now you’ll be able to knock that career-best 95 off your handicap a bit faster.  They will now be counting your best 8 scores out of your last 20 on your index. Kudos on this one as well as we like the fact it allows your handicap to adjust faster to how you’re actually playing.

The Weatherman

Just what we need, Chip the weather guy can now impact your handicap.  They will now have a calculation on what the weather was like the day you played.  Don’t ask us how they are actually doing this b/c they haven’t really said, but trust them it’s there.  So next time you decide to play in 45-degree weather w/ 30 mph winds, just know that 102 you shot won’t bump up that HDCP as much (all the more reason to stay inside and drink).

Daily Revisions

This one we actually love because you’ll be able to have your handicap adjust up or down much faster.  Handicaps used to update twice a month (on the 1st and 15th). Now they will revise daily which I think is better from a lower handicap perspective. However, I think it will be interesting to see how clubs handle this new world where your handicap can change from one day to the next.  This undoubtedly will make it more difficult for your local pro to run the Member/Guest tournament but it also will help to know when I play a 15 handicap and he shoots 78 on me he is going to feel it the next day.

Max Net Double Bogey

This one is for your buddy Jeff who knocks two out of bounds and then proceeds to say, just give me an 8.  Well Jeffy, you now can only post a max of a net double bogey on any given hole. I know the higher handicappers are going to feel this one in their soul, but all I can tell you is, buy some lessons.

Max 54.0 Index

The former maximum handicap index was 44.0 but they have upped it to 54.0.  This is meant to entice newer players to establish a handicap. Me personally, if I’m a 54 index, I’m taking up bowling or maybe just read a book.

Well, there it is, everything you need to know about the new World Handicap System.  We don’t know about you but we feel great about it. Now when anyone asks you to explain the changes to them, you can airdrop them this link and move on with your day.