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Guest this week is Luke Reese,  co-founder of Winona Capital, a private equity firm in Chicago.  He speaks four languages, […]
The time for you to be a youth phenom has passed, most likely unless you're 8 years old watching this […]
Golf doesn't build character, it reveals it. Ever seen that poster about every other sport? We at Stick & Hack […]
General Manager of the world-renowned golf club, Winged Foot, Colin Burns joins the Stick & Hack show to discuss the […]
Have you ever been to Choke City? Most golfers have. A trip more infamously known as the "yips," losing confidence […]
In this bonus episode, Cameron Wiebe walks us through the logistics and excitement behind the Augusta National Women's Amateur, a […]
Pro-Am tournaments offer people (like Mike) the chance to play with some renowned PGA players. One of those players you […]
The healing power of golf is a unique, incredible phenomenon, and no one knows that better than Steve Pope, a […]
There have been and currently are impactful, powerful women making moves in the PGA and LPGA. Here to talk about […]
Mike finds himself a lowly Hack among Hacks this episode as the ultimate Stick, Gary Player joins the show. If […]

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One of them is great at golf, knows the technical aspects of the swing, and understands the nuances of the rules of the game. The other is a hack. It won't take you long to figure out who is who - this is The Stick and Hack Show. Find it on your favorite podcast platform or YouTube.