We tune in to The Masters for several reasons. You’d be hard-pressed to find a finer parade of pageantry in golf where tradition dictates the day (I.E. No golf fans at Augusta National. Masters attendees are patrons). The golf course is considered one of the best tests and highest mountains in golf, the snack prices are stuck in 1990, and the scenery is second-to-none. 

We also watch The Masters see the planet’s best golfers do things on a course we can only dream of. However, we also enjoy seeing them occasionally look like us out there, “four-putt, huh? Hell, I can do that.” Settle down Tod, that guy just four-putted to win The Masters, not lose his consolation match in the D flight. 

Tod got us thinking though, what would a scorecard look like if we pulled the worst and best score of the week for each hole? How bad and good can it get?

Fore, please! Now driving, Stick & Hack Scorecard: The Masters.

There were no albatrosses or scores in the double-digits on any hole. Stewart Cink had the most exciting of the eagles with an ace on 16 and Max Homa delivered the only double bogey of the week on the par-5 second. 

When the dust settled on Augusta, the field shot a best-ball 48 and carded a relatable 119 with the worst score from each hole.