As we start this journey for golf media domination, we pause briefly to give you the set-up on our brand and venture. The Stick and Hack golf brand represent those golfers who can play and those that can’t but love the game and what it gives them.

The passion for golf is worldwide, and while you might think that it is only popular because of Tiger Woods, it has been giving people an excuse to “get away from the stress of the week” every Saturday for centuries.

“Give me somebody that doesn’t play golf on the weekends and I’ll show you somebody doing a lot of unnecessary housework.”  – Us

Over beers one night, a few guys were talking golf and while one of them was blathering on about spin rate and high butter cut fades. The other guy looked at him with confusion and a touch of annoyance. He didn’t know what the hell he was talking about, and was convinced he was stringing words together just to sound important. This is the classic after the round conversation between a stick and a hack.

You see, a STICK is a real golfer. They are typically a 0-8 handicap and can drive the ball straight, hit the green at will, and pour in 10-foot putts with ease. The stick understands the nuances of the game, the science, the intricacies of the swing. They are gifted athletes and have put in the practice to play the game at a high level.

The HACK understands the basic premise of the game and the general fundamentals but is a 20+ handicap and plays once or twice a month. The hack is wild off the tee, unable to hit a long iron onto the green, and any putt past 2 feet becomes a nightmare of nerves.

In reality, the only thing these two types of golfers has is their love for the game and hopefully Stick and Hack.