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With challenges and objectives for sticks and hacks alike, you'll have a unique golf experience every time out.

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For Sticks & Hacks Alike

Celebrate your accomplishments in every aspect of the game.

Play On Your Own Or Challenge Your Friends

Join a card and when you play golf, track your challenges completed and gain points. Invite your friends to join in on the fun and compare your round or challenge yourself and refocus your game. Mark off accomplishments as you play to earn XP and climb the global leaderboard. A new golf experience is here with the Stick & Hack Challenge App.

Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store

Gamify Your Golf

  • 90+ Unique challenges and objectives for your game
  • Challenge yourself, friends, or strangers
  • Earn XP and climb a global leaderboard
  • Challenges for the sticks like "30 birdies in 30 days"
  • Challenges for the hacks like "Almost Bogey" golf

" This golf app is so much different than the normal GPS, and scorecard apps. It brings a different concentration to my game."

— Todd Stewart (Stick & Hack member)

Golf Swing Aesthetics
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