Tony Kornheiser is well known to many sports fans as co-host of Pardon The Interruption, an ESPN program that features the former sports writer and Michael Wilbon, once Kornheiser’s colleague at the Washington Post, discussing and debating important sports matters of the day.

Kornheiser, who also hosts a podcast several times a week, is an avid golfer. He typically doesn’t play well, a fact he readily admits, but, like many of us, it’s mostly about the fun. And the eternal hope for a good score.

What is important for Kornheiser, who often discusses the topic on his podcast, is the concept of the golf snack. Many golfers have a favorite foodstuff to consume during the round, and for Kornheiser, it’s the PayDay bar. The PayDay has been around for a century or so, and it stands out in the vast candy bar market because it’s made of peanuts and caramel, not chocolate. (There now is a chocolate PayDay bar, but ignore that).

Part of Kornheiser’s endorsement of the PayDay, beyond its excellent taste, is the fact that it won’t melt into goop on hot days on the golf course. In other words, it’s solid, sturdy, dependable. 

With all due respect to Reese’s peanut butter cups, perhaps the perfect candy, you might reach into your golf bag on the 12th hole and find your Reese’s has boiled into a chocolatey mess that would be easier to drink than eat. This is not nutritionally sound.

It’s difficult to argue with Kornheiser over his selection (although, if pressed, I’m sure Wilbon could). If we’re going with candy, I personally favor the Fifth Avenue bar, which, of course, is chocolate, but since I usually consume it on the second hole, melting typically is not a major issue.

There are snacks that the smart golfer should avoid. A short list:

  • Bananas. Although the banana is simple to carry and provides a quick snack and maybe a protein boost, there’s a danger that rests within that tempting yellow covering. If you’ve ever put a banana in your golf bag and forgotten to eat it and discover it zipped into a compartment two weeks later, you understand the caution. You might as well head to the golf shop for a new bag.
  • Cheetos. They’re delicious, no question. But eating only one will color your fingers orange through the next five handwashings. You want that orange color on your club grips and your brand new Pro V1s? No, you don’t.
  • Mallo Cups. These things also are chocolate-related, but the main reason to avoid them is that they might be the worst candy ever invented.
  • Donuts. A wonderful food and, of course, very good for you, but too icky and sticky.
  • Tuna. No. Just no.
  • Celery. Don’t make me hurt you.

And the best golf snack? Bacon, of course. Throw a few slices in a handy plastic bag and break them out on No. 8. You’ll be the envy of the foursome.