In this week’s episode of Stick and Hack Reacts, Adam and Keith break down their reactions to Tiger’s comeback, Scotties win, the questionable coverage by CBS, and much more from the 2022 Masters. Their reactions may surprise you! We’d love to hear if you agree or disagree in the comments of the full episode!

The 2022 Masters

The lead-up to the 2022 Masters was filled with dramatic storylines. Whether it was Tiger’s incredible comeback, Scottie’s hot streak leading up to the event, Rory’s chance to round out the grand slam, or one of the many others, everyone was counting down the minutes to Thursday morning. By Saturday night, only one of these stories was seemingly possibly and more than likely to be the outcome and that was Scottie Scheffler continuing his win streak and earning his first major. 

Adam and Keith along with many other golf fanatics agreed that the final round of this year’s tournament was lacking the dramatics that are typical of an Augusta Sunday and was all around ‘meh’. Cameron Smith entered the final round with the greatest chance of making it interesting and from the start, that would not be the case. Several earl bogies from Smith and a chip-in from Scottie completely stole the momentum.

Once it was clear that Smith was out of the running, our only hope of a close finish was Rory McIlroy who came to play on Sunday with an incredible final round 64. Unfortunately for him and the viewers at home, it wasn’t enough to put the pressure on a stone-cold Scheffler. Regardless of the finish, Rory looked like his old self again and earned his 6th top ten finish in his last ten Masters. Do you think he will put the green jacket on someday?

As great as it was to see Scottie win his first major, a lot of golf viewers were left disappointed by the finish. It’s often said that the Masters doesn’t truly start until the back nine on Sunday but this year, Scottie’s name was likely being etched into the record books by then. Luckily, we were gifted with back-to-back holeouts from McIlroy and Morikawa from the same bunker just moments apart to round out the week.

Stepping away from the golf for a moment, Adam and Keith got into the coverage of the tournament and why they decided to watch the event on the Masters app instead of the CBS coverage which seemed to be common for golf viewers everywhere. Whether it was Nick Faldo’s odd spoiler alert on Rory’s hole-out or Dottie Pepper reporting a 9-iron layup from Scheffler before he stuck it on the green from 200+ yards out, the CBS coverage was severely lacking. How did you feel about this year’s coverage?

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