For the first of a new series on the Influencers in golf, we chatted with Snappy Gilmore. Snappy has been taking social media by storm with his insane golf swing– best described as an Indiana-Jones-style whip around with a driver, which consistently sends the ball flying. No neighborhood windows have been destroyed yet, but Snappy has more in store.

SH: I can’t just keep calling Snappy, can I? Is that legit?

SG: Oh, well my actual name is Eliezer Paul Gendry

SH: So you’re on TikTok and Instagram, and the content you’re putting out is incredible. Tell us about your swing, and is that really how you do it, or did you just figure out how to hit it far in a crazy way?

SG: [It started when] my friends were trying to get me to hang out, and I asked what we were doing. They said, “we’re going to the golf range.” And I asked why we were going to the golf range. I’d never gone to a golf course in my life. They were like, “dude, just come and watch and chill and hang out with everybody.”

They tried to teach me how to do it, I don’t know what I was thinking but, I just whacked it.

SH: It defies logic, It defies the physics of a golf swing and everything we’ve been taught for 150 years. You’re giving the golf gods a bad name, but you’re also bringing a whole new set of people to golf just by being showing that anyone can go on the course and play their way.

SG: If you were to tell me a year ago that I’d be playing golf today, I’d probably tell you that you’re insane.

SH: But do you think it’s that sort of thing that after you figure it out, you’ll become obsessed?

SG: Absolutely. I’ve just fallen all over the game and I can’t go a week without playing.

SH: How’s your short game?

SG: When I started, it was really bad. But now I’m getting to know different techniques and stuff. I literally have to coach myself, because nobody does it the way I do it… I go to an instructor and say “can you tell me what’s wrong” and they just look at me like, “are you insane?” If I make a mistake they can’t tell me what went wrong, they just say “that’s you- we don’t know anything about that.”

 It’s getting better. The speed at which I’m learning is just crazy. 

Watch Snappy’s golf journey on social media at @_snappygilmore on Instagram and Tiktok.