Once upon a time, I was a club manager and I answered the phone in the bar.  A very excited member was on the line expressing his enjoyment, as he had just made a hole in a one.

I“Wow, that’s awesome Doc.… what hole are you on?”. I asked. He said whatever he said and I exclaimed, “That’s impossible, that’s a par 5!”

“I’m not here, I’m in Scotland at St. Andrews.” He said.

“Wow”… why are you calling me?” I asked.

“Well I had to call someone and nobody else answered.” He said with a cheeky attitude.

“So, you made your first Ace at St. Andrews… That’s incredible!”

“Well, it’s not my first…it’s my 13th”.

I then hung up the phone and cried.

As told by Matt V.

Member #115