March. One of those words that can take on an entirely different definition based on context. What’s the first definition that comes to your mind?

The noun? The verb? Some dangling modifiers?

March carries an essential meaning at Stick/Hack for all of the definitions!

For most of us, the quickest definition is “a month of the year” or commonly referred to as a noun. The hopeful and fabulous month when spring begins. The month that those of us in the northern putrid cold and dark weather climates start to visualize a hint of hope that our outdoor adventures can once again be part of our everyday life.

March is the month we enviously watch the pros begin to swing away in the first PGA tournaments of the year, and we placate the day in full-blown recliner mode while watching college basketball for days on end. In light of the seriousness of this year’s Covid-19 virus shutdown, we don’t have that envious status.

But we march on.

March is when suburbanites clean their garages, ready their lawn equipment, and chat it up with the neighbors who have wandered outdoors for the first time in months. It’s when we feel the approach of greenness, possibly even squeezing in a quick nine holes if the course isn’t soaked and soggy.

March is the verb we use to command our unruly offspring toward a quiet place in the house when they have irritated your last nerve. This definition in verb tense embodies empowerment. It is a directive, an action, and can be used to describe an internal drive. Used in normal times, it can help as we drive diligently through a rough patch of missed strokes, bad putts, or lousy play on the course.

It can be used as an internal mantra when moving through temporary set-backs related to financial and personal turmoil through the experiences of these current weeks.

A lot of important history has inspired and changed through the effectiveness of a good “march”. Some have held great significance to further equality, equanimity, tolerance, and social justice.

The most important thing to learn about our grammar lesson is that this little word can help golfers and non-golfers alike as we muddle through some unknown situations right now.

How does one keep with the stresses, tensions, and the social and financial challenges many of us find ourselves in today? We march on.

If tempo and balance is the advice given to maintain the art of a beautiful golf swing, then it should certainly help us in times of crisis and unrest. So march forward with a steady tempo and keep the balance in your life, work, and family so that no matter what the future holds, you are in control of something.

We must tolerate the lapses in everyday conveniences of shopping, dining, gym, vacations, hair cuts, and social outings with the steady discipline of marching your kids to their rooms. Remember that time marches on, and we will be moving out of danger and out of the wintered grayness of a northern sky, soon enough.

March will move on. So will Covid-19 if we follow some simple instructions. And of course, for now, stay virtually in touch with all the member golfers of Stick/Hack that share the mutual love for the game that can be celebrated distanced or together.

Virtually, you were well ahead of this crisis. You belong to the best socially distanced club in the world!

March on members, march on.