Here at Stick and Hack, our members make us who we are. You’re a unique bunch, we’ll give you that … and each of you has a great story. This is the story of member #99, Nate Shadoin. Who, for the back story, had a dead-pull, baseball swing, and tendency to majorly slice.


“Picture it, Sioux City, IA, 2004.  Meeting up with a fellow Muncie, Indiana buddy, Jack Strombeck, for a round.  I was living in Omaha, Jack in Minneapolis, both working in sales for Whirlpool.  I was playing Wilson Fat Shafts then, some of the greatest woods ever made.  

Random goat track club, middle of nowhere.  I was sitting 260+ out on a par 5, far-left rough and trees blocking the line to the green.  Needed a big draw.  Jack, who is a scratch, coached me up:  inside/out swing, ball back in the stance, head down.  I had never hit a draw on purpose in my life, but I was 6’1″ 225 lbs.   

The ball comes out flush, no idea where it went, but I hit it hard.  After 3 minutes, ask the guys on the green.  “You mean the ball six inches from the hole that almost hit us?”  Shit…  

Eagle, handshakes, apologies.

Very next hole, my approach shot was 175 out.  Sliced it 40 yards right, in the direction of the next tee box, lands on top of a golf cart, Bang!  The same guys were hitting driver.  

As they drove their carts down the path towards us, a guy puts a white towel on a long iron, raises it towards the sky, in surrender.

The End…”

No, no, just the beginning! Thanks for being part of the Stick and Hack nation, Nate. You truly make us feel better about ourselves. 

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