I played in some bullshit corporate scramble with my friend’s company, for what amounted to two free beers and a shirt that said something “palooza” on it. I got up to the tee and his co-worker, Bryce – I can only assume – asked me if I was any good. I smiled and said, “I’m working on it but don’t expect much from me today.”

With that, I hit my tee shot a blistering 97 yards straight left. I turned around to see Bryce, who I have known for about four minutes, with a wry smile.

“Going to be a long day,” Bryce quipped. “Good thing I have a few pin seekers in my bag to help us out.”

I’ve never hated somebody quicker in my life. Good news though – he got pretty drunk and I took every Pro V1 out of his bag.

Thanks, Bryce!