Let’s talk tradition.

Not shake your shoulders dancing Tevia style, singing to the Fiddler on the roof sort of tradition. The traditions we hold in our gut are what golf stands for. The game of concentration. The man vs. himself and only the natural elements gusto.

Golf is amassed with the do’s, don’ts, traditions, and guidelines. Let’s be honest though. How many hacks honor the tradition of a collared shirt on the greens? Absolutely not.

Pros have even abolished that tradition moving to the mock turtleneck or pro-line athletic wear that they are so generously compensated for wearing. The graphic T makes it’s play through the back nine every weekend. Why? Because the hacks of golf are taking a stand and telling the world they are not going to be pushed down by tradition and the implications of culture and sophistication that golf brings. They are going to stand tall and wear that Simpson’s shirt while they play the local muni if they want! 

Is there a level of absurd and grotesque non-wearable that should be placed in regards to graphic T’s on the course? Let’s Ix-nay the Game of Thrones or Star Wars nerd wear. Just too damn distracting of natures beauty that surrounds the game. Slightly tolerable are the earned T’s for the charity event fun runs or wear it for the cause graphic. Somehow the Alzheimer’s Walk to Remember Tee has the right seriousness with that sorrowful twist of the absurd to make it worthy of a hacks statement of proper golf attire.

The tradition of a green jacket epitomizes excellence in the game so you think because that T-shirt is bright green you might look a little like a master golfer? Well, not so. We get it, it’s nice to wear something that goes from the golf course to brewpub.

A hack player will tell you that the shirt doesn’t make the player. That is right. But your graphic T of Michael Scott saying something clever is for your backyard cornhole tournament with the neighbors but let’s leave it right there, shall we? 

Remember what we say…even a hack should look brilliant!