There’s a mantra around gift-giving here at Stick & Hack: look good, feel good, have fun, play golf. Anything beyond that and things get complicated. This four-part approach has served us so well, we felt a duty to share the fruits of that labor with our membership. Following are ten holiday gift ideas for Sticks, Hacks, & even yourself. 


Fore that gearhead in your foursome or the data-driven techie you’re hiding inside, Arccos has a plug and play product that apparently tracks every shot everywhere. It harnesses all data to deliver a caddie experience that promises to shave strokes immediately. Careful who this goes to. Let Todd keep his self-taught struggles. He swears he’s this close to breaking 90, let’s not test him. But maybe throw poor Carl a bone and introduce him to Arccos. 

Stick & Hack Challenge

Now that you’ve taken care of others, it’s time to treat yo’self. Register for the Stick & Hack Challenge coming at you May 13-15, 2022 from the French Lick Resort & Casino in French Lick, Indiana. This gift to yourself includes: two nights accommodations at the French Lick Resort; food, booze, and fun compliments of Stick & Hack; and 36-holes of golf between the iconic Donald Ross and Pete Dye courses. We can’t guarantee you’ll play well, but we can guarantee a good time. Catch the early bird price & register by 11/30/2021. 


Nothing says love like a foot rub. But you’re not going to give everyone foot rubs (or maybe anyone for that matter, who are we to judge). However, you can take care of your friends’ feet by gifting them some really comfortable and slick-looking socks. Drop some Bombas on those you care about this holiday season and give them “the most comfortable socks you’ll ever put on your feet.” Stick & Hack members receive 20% off their first order with the code STICKHACK. Grab yourself some socks too. If you’re going to give gifts, you might as well save money doing it. 

PGA Tour Vault – Classic Edition

Get a little something for the history-buff in your life. The PGA Tour Vault is the perfect gift for any stick, the appreciators of the PGA Tour, and lovers of rich storytelling. The epic project has finally come to life in this book- covering all the legendary moments in the last 100+ year. Only 500 copies will be sold (shipped by December 17th), so do yourself a favor and check it out.

Player’s Pass

The best gift for any golfer is – you guessed it – a round of golf. For the sojourning Stick who frequents the same towns on business, the Hack buddy who just needs a reason to play, or the friend you lured over to the dark side and has just started golfing, look for a Player’s Pass at golf courses near you. For example, Eagle Creek Golf Club in Indianapolis offers 10-punch and 20-punch passes (Includes greens & cart fees). The physical effort of purchasing a gift card with the emotional payoff of a curated gift; sounds like a win. The bonus? You might get to tag along for a round. It’s amazing how generous friends can be with free golf. 

Between Novelty and Fashion

There is no dearth of golf novelty these days. The cheeseburger in paradise style beer gut puns are no longer riding solo, although we’re not completely ruling out the laugh potential of a good old fashioned dirty joke. For the friend of yours that always pulls up with black golf gloves and Fireball shots, Fury Golf offers a Metallica-meets-the-fairway style with designs like this “Sink Putts Raise Hell” t-shirt. (Stick and Hack Members get 15% off their purchase using code STICKANDHACK)

Bud Copeland

A self-taught stick with a hack brain, Bud grew up playing golf year-round in north Florida. Born-again New England, Bud learned what an “off-season” is. He now lives in Salem, MA with his wife, daughter, two cats, and dog, Miller. He is the sole Y chromosome in the house, believes we did land on the moon and strongly advocates for walk-up music on the first and eighteenth tees.