From central Indiana, Ressie Lemmon qualified for the 2021 Drive, Chip, and Putt National Finals Girls age 7-9 division. Representing the Great Lakes region, Ressie was drawn to the game at age six when she watched her brother learning from their grandfather, “I saw that it looked really fun and I just started doing it and it was like, I really loved it, so I decided that’s what I wanted to do…Golf is my thing.”
At the national competition hosted by Augusta National Golf Club, Ressie wore her brother’s Under Armour golf pants, “They’re comfy, but they’re my brother’s, and I would like to have my own.” The young lady quickly ran into one problem. Under Armour doesn’t make golf clothes for girls.
So, Ressie wrote them a letter:
“Dear Under Armour, My name is Ressie Lemmon, and I am 10 years old. I really love to golf and have been golfing since I was 6 years old. I was just at the Drive, Chip, and Putt National Finals at Augusta. I love wearing Under Armour clothes all the time. I was wondering if you could start making Under Armour girls golf clothes such as golf shirts, golf pullovers, golf shorts, and golf pants. My brother only wears Under Armour golf clothes and [all] of the colors and patterns would look cute as girl clothes. My dad is my caddie in most tournaments, and I like to color coordinate our outfits and I could match our clothes. I would really appreciate if you could do that. Please call me if you need any ideas because I know a lot of girls that would buy your clothes. Thank you, Ressie Lemmon”
Nice work Ressie!

Adam Grubb

Adam Grubb is the CEO and Creative Director of Stick and Hack Media. He hosts three podcasts on the platform and is Executive Editor of and Stick & Hack Magazine.