Getting Started

What is Stick and Hack?

Stick and Hack is the World’s greatest golf club without the course.  Our media and content platform allows our members to share in our unique enthusiasm for the game, friendships, and a connection to the sport brings to everyone regardless if you are a Stick or a Hack. 

Why should I join Stick and Hack?

If you love golf but don’t take it too seriously.  If you like to laugh, reading stories about golf and free stuff, discounts, and unique gifts, you’ll love Stick and Hack. Sign up here for free.

How do I reset my password?

Click here for password reset link. You will need to enter the email you signed up with and then you will get a code sent to you to allow a password reset.


What do I get with the free membership?

  • Immediate Access to Member Network Connecting You to Golfers Around the World
  • Subscription to “The Early Tee” email bringing you the behind the scenes of golf and the stories of life
  • Member Perks Including Discounts on Major Brands
  • Weekly Giveaways and Prizes
  • Discounted Golf Gear and Merchandise
  • Access to Facebook Group Allowing You To Post, Share and Connect
  • Exclusive Content and Freebies
  • Access to Exclusive Member Only Events

What do I get with the paid membership?

  • All FREE benefits included plus…
  • Members Only T-shirt
  • Instant 15% Discount on Golf Gear and Merchandise
  • Custom and Personalized Stick and Hack Bag Tag
  • $25 Shop Credit to Spend Throughout the Year
  • VIP Access to Member Only Events Throughout the Year
  • Custom Birthday Gift from Stick and Hack
  • Subscription to Stick and Hack Magazine (Print 4x a year) 

How much is the paid membership and how do I sign up?

A paid membership is $89.99 a year and is for one-year on auto-renewal. You can sign up by clicking this link

How do I find my member number?

Once you log in you will be taken to your profile page which will have your member number on it. You can also find your member number at the bottom of the Early Tee email that you receive in your email inbox that you signed up with.  If all else fails just chat with us on our site and we will be happy to send it to you.


How do I return or exchange an item that I have purchased?

If for some reason you decide you need to return or exchange an item, just shoot an email to and we will get you instructions on how to return or exchange an item.

I made a purchase but haven’t received it yet, can I get a tracking number?

When Stick and Hack merch ships, you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number. If you didn’t receive the email or can’t find it, please email and we will be happy to check on the status of your order and supply a tracking number. 


How does a brand become a partner and be part of the Member Perks Program? 

Just email and we will get back to you as soon as possible and get to work.