Traditional golf instruction is a serious commitment. It takes time, a proper location and hopefully some decent weather. This recipe doesn’t give the majority of golfers a chance to consistently work on their game. Most of the twenty-four million golfers in the United States (a number on the rise), don’t have unrealistic expectations of Monday qualifying into a Tour win that will launch their career and punch a ticket to Augusta. Most golfers just want to hit it a little longer or a little straighter. They’d like to learn a couple-three swing tips to keep in their back pocket for the back nine. Ultimately, most golfers just need a little help.

Coursework: Powered by Stick & Hack breaks through the inconvenient barriers by introducing a revolutionary approach to learning golf. Coursework combines modern technology with the traditional strength of PGA instruction to give Stick & Hack members of all abilities a chance to interact live with coaches and teachers from all over the world.

What you can expect from Coursework:

  • Course content flexible enough to reach all skill levels, appropriate for small and large groups, and designed for remote learning
  • First of its kind interactive, educational golf experience with questions and feedback from top PGA instructors done in the comfort and convenience of home
  • Consistent opportunities to better your game without sacrificing your day 

Golf knowledge has stood the test of time, but access to it has proved challenging for too many for too long. Adaptable, accessible, and reliable, Coursework: Powered by Stick & Hack represents the next evolution of golf instruction and brings opportunity not just for more golf, but for better golf for all.


Sign up for Coursework today to start making progress on your golf game. Keep an eye out for our biweekly lessons!

Bud Copeland

A self-taught stick with a hack brain, Bud grew up playing golf year-round in north Florida. Born-again New England, Bud learned what an “off-season” is. He now lives in Salem, MA with his wife, daughter, two cats, and dog, Miller. He is the sole Y chromosome in the house, believes we did land on the moon and strongly advocates for walk-up music on the first and eighteenth tees.