Ep. 304 | Golf Marketing | Alyson Johnson | Tycoons

There have been and currently are impactful, powerful women making moves in the PGA and LPGA. Here to talk about those moves is Alyson Johnson, LPGA insider, and sports marketing professional. Adam and Mike learn about what it takes to secure a brand deal as a PGA player, and why this is something they'll never achieve. Alyson seems all too willing to play golf with some famous and odd Tycoons, find out why Adam and Mike disagree.

Speaking of business and golf and podcasts, the Stick and Hack network is announcing a NEW PODCAST coming out this March called, "The Business of Golf" hosted by Alyson Johnson and Adam Grubb. Alyson has loads of insider information, and Adam has, his uh, Adam-ness… Stay tuned!

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