Ep. 205 – The Healing Power of Golf | Scruples | 9 Members of Every Club

The Stick and Hack Show is committed to bringing you the latest golf news, trends, stories, and, of course, the highest caliber guests in the sport. From the four stereotypical members who manage to be members at every club in the world to an amazing organization that empowers veterans and their families through golf, this will be the best 35 minutes of your entire week.

First Up: Stick and Hack contributor Steve Reynolds broke our website. His piece, “The Nine Members at Every Country Club,” caught fire, and the rush to StickandHack.com was on. The good news is that everything’s fine, and you can read the story here. As Steve writes, no matter which club you choose, “these nine members at every country club will be waiting for you.” Come on, get to know the Tortoise, the Gambler, the Young Punk, and the Sandbagger.

Next, we move into the meat and potatoes of this episode: the Conversation. Ted Simons, Executive Director of Patriot Golf Foundation, sits down with Adam and Mike. Simons served as Executive Vice President for the Nicklaus Golf Centers, acted as COO of Signature Academies, and runs his own marketing firm. 

Ted is here to talk about the Patriot Golf Foundation, a nonprofit that is dedicated to supporting military veterans and their families through its fundraising efforts and mentoring programs. In our version of a Ted Talk, our guest discusses:

  • The Patriot Golf Schools and training, which are available to the public. The proceeds go to help veterans in many aspects of their lives. 
  • The top-notch team of instructors and teachers and how they contribute to the mission of Patriot Golf Foundation.
  • How he became involved in the organization.
  • How the Patriot Golf Foundation is tackling tough issues in the veteran community with golf. It may not seem obvious – but find out why it’s a perfect vehicle for improving lives.
  • Support from big corporations and individuals.

We cannot say enough about this organization. To learn more and see how you can contribute, visit PatriotGolfFoundation.com. 

Ted is a tough act to follow, so we’re just going to head into the Clubhouse for some Stick and Hack Scruples. You know those stereotypical members we mentioned before? How would the Stick, Mike, handle these situations:

  • When the Gambler asks you for $50
  • When the Tortoise starts to complain about the players in front 
  • When the Young PUnk starts cursing out a guy in his yard for touching his ball
  • When the Sandbagger is up by 5 and $100 at the turn – do you ask for an adjustment of strokes?

Which of these members would Mike be most likely to take under his wing? Which would he be most likely to file a complaint against? Find out.

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