Ep. 201 – Interview with a Golf Writing Legend: A Conversation with Jim Dodson

This episode of the Stick and Hack Show is packed. How Adam and Mike managed to fit all of this wisdom, insight, and brilliance into less than an hour is mind-boggling. Also mind-boggling: the fact that we snagged James Dodson – legendary golf writer – for an in-depth interview. James is the author of several critically-acclaimed, best-selling books, including A Golfer's Life (with the one, the only, Arnold Palmer) and The Range Bucket List. Sit back and be regaled with tales from a man who has golfed with presidents, celebrities, and random locals the world over.

Also in this week's episode: updates on what's coming down the fairway for the Stick and Hack nation (keep your eyes open for more information on our first annual Members Meeting to be held in September); the story of golf legend Al Geiberger (aka Mr. 59), and a round of 20(20) Questions from the Clubhouse.

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