Ep 112 – Golf Kicks CEO Tyler Stuart | Yelling in Golf | Golf Jeopardy

The President's Cup: by the time you watch this, it'll be over – but we'll give you our thoughts anyway. In this episode of the Stick and Hack Show, Mike Ryan and Adam Grubb discuss the fanfare of the event, why we want more excitement and yelling, and why we need more villains in golf (Thank you, Patrick Reed, for stepping in as villain for the President's Cup). 

Adam also tells the cautionary tale of Ralph Guldahl, one of the lesser-known greats in the golf world. Guldahl began his career in 1931 and became the youngest player to win PGA Tour Event until Jordan Spieth took the mantle in 2013. Between 1937 and 1939, he had, arguably, the greatest three-year stretch in major professional golf (Tiger included). So why did he leave the game for good in 1942? Listen in and find out – there's a lesson here, folks!

Tyler Stuart, CEO of Golfkicks is on the show today. From Kickstarter to Shark Tank to the Stick and Hack Show; he's had quite an 18 months. Tyler talks about his invention and how Golfkicks "transforms sneakers into golf shoes." This entrepreneur and inventor also has the best tagline ever: "Screw Your Golf Shoes." Check out Tyler's story.

The show wraps up with Stick and Hack Jeopardy. 

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