Ep. 111 – Perfect ProAms – Dumb Things In Golf

In this episode of The Stick and Hack Show, we're excited to have Micah Burke join us from California. Micah owns Perfect ProAms –  a fantastic company bringing "golf fanatics together for competition, parties, and a whole lot of action." The unique golf format pairs amateurs and pros for a two-day tournament. Forget what you know about ProAms. Micah's goal is to ramp up the intensity and competitive vibe. Still a whole lot of fun though! 

Mike and Adam talk also Tiger, the feel-good story of the year, and introduce a new segment to the show: Dumb Things… in which they talk about things they think are dumb. And don't miss special correspondent Chris Grounds, Member 364, for a primer on "fore" protocol. 

Join us for the most sophisticated golf show in the free world!

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