Ep. 107 – The History of Golf

The most sophisticated golf show in the free world. This episode features guest Josh Morris, editor of GolfHistoryToday.com. Do you know your golf history? 

  • First Up  
    • Bo Kim suspended. Korean golfer Bio Kim received a three-year ban from the Korean Tour after giving a fan the middle finger at a tournament over the weekend. Kim held a one-shot lead at the DGB Financial Group Volvik Daegu Gyeongbuk Open when he teed up at the 16th hole. During his downswing, a phone camera sounded from the crowd, prompting Kim to flip off the fan for the interruption after his errant shot.
    • Is Top Golf good for the game?
  • The Conversation – Josh Morris Editor of GolfHistoryToday.com
    • – Would you consider yourself a golf historian or just a lover of the facts? 
    • – When do you see the "change in mainstream golf" really happening? Arnie/Jack/Tiger
    • – Is there a particular story/fact/historical data that surprised you when you discovered it? 
    • – When did the traditions of Masters begin? 
      • Masters honorary starters/Skip the ball over the 16th? Kids on the course for par 3? All white caddy uniforms? 
    • – What will people say about our game today in 50 years?
    • – How influential was Bobby Jones to the game of golf outside of creating The Masters?
    • – The first tournament was in 1860, what do you attribute the strength of this sport after all these years? 
  • The Clubhouse   
    • Hack Rule/Etiquette Question  
      • What do you think of the “I can only take a…” person? So for instance, you are trending towards a 7 or 8 but because of your handicap, you put down a 6.  
  • Close and preview 
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