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Approved Golf Courses

Whether it’s for a regular weekend round or a destination weekend with friends, you can feel confident a Stick/Hack approved course will meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Free Course Certification

Stick and Hack approved courses are the golf meccas, local gems, and highly touted tracks that our members chose or nominate because they share an ethos consistent with Stick and Hack members.

Our certification process is different than most "Top lists" as they all have a Stick & Hack factor that makes them unique. We break it down into the following categories:

Course Conditions

How are the greens, tee boxes, practice facilities, and overall aesthetics?

Course Difficulty

The variety of Tees to choose from, style (traditional, links, etc), and lots of water or sand.

Food and Beverage

Does the course have a full restaurant, full bar, snack bar, halfway house, and menu?

Staff Rating

Are staff friendly and welcoming, or do they take themselves too seriously?

Overall Environment

Does the course have a welcoming and friendly atmosphere?

S & H Affect

Does your course or property have a unique feature that locals and travelers come to enjoy?

Course Benefits

When a course is Stick and Hack approved, members will always walk away wanting to share their experience with other members friends.

If your course prides itself on its conditions, top rated staff, food, booze, and an experience that is much bigger than just the golf – lets talk!

Get Your Course Approved!

Placement on our Stick and Hack Approved Courses webpage.

Promotion of your course to our Members (based on geography)

Local members automatically will become Stick and Hack members.

Ability to host Stick/Hack Events including member meetups, partner demo days, and more

The ability to use all of our website content for your local memberships

Enhanced reputation through Stick and Hack course certification.

Promotion and education of your course, amenities, and experience through Stick and Hack marketing channels.

Quarterly Reports on Stick and Hack membership

Want to submit your local golf course to be Stick and Hack approved?

Member Benefits

The Stick and Hack Approved Course program is designed to give you the quick and necessary information on a course using the traits our members need to know about. If a course is Stick and Hack approved you know that you will be able to enjoy yourself because the course shares a common goal with Stick and Hack – welcoming, enjoyable, and a great combo of challenge and fun. 

Green Fee Discounts

Get the Stick and Hack member rate at all approved courses

Connect With Members

The ability to connect with local members from the course

Pro Shop Discounts

Pro Shop Discounts

Course Reviews

Realtime reviews available in Stick and Hack member portal

Get Approved Today

Our program is designed to educate our members and showcase the courses near them that share the ethos of our community and club. The Stick & Hack Approved Course helps drive golfers, community, and promote which tracks have the Stick and Hack factor that our members need.