The simplest way to describe ABC’s new putt putt show, Holey Moley is simply – not good. That is the most understated and yet accurate portrayal of our feelings and it’s not just ours either. The critics are not being generous to the freshman effort as, and other outlets have lambasted the show as being juvenile and a waste of time.

More to the point, what would we do without a prime-time confection like Holey Moley, which premiered last Thursday on ABC, belching out onto the airwaves a miniature golf-themed reality TV show of mind-numbing inanity, with Stephen Curry as kinda, sorta participant and host?

Actually, we might do a lot of things. We might read a book. Or study a foreign language. But who are we kidding? Let’s prop our eyelids open, stare blankly at our screens and let the assault on our intellect begin.

Like countless reality TV shows before it, Holey Moley is structured as a loony competition, populated by contestants with a near-boundless appetite for personal debasement. Its venue is a 10-hole, technicolor miniature golf course that looks like something you might get if Mickey Mouse interned with Tom Fazio then sat down at a drafting board while high on ‘shrooms. – Josh Sens, 

The Stick and Hack staff all sat down to watch the cop from The Hangover, yell and scream at people, “In the face!” and enjoy a competitive game show centered around golf. None of that happened, in fact, we don’t know what happened. Is it putt-putt or is it American Ninja Warrior, a combination of both?

We don’t know and will never know because we aren’t watching it again.

If that show was being taped in my backyard, I wouldn’t let the dog out to see it. And Steph Curry “hosting” is the icing on the shit cake.

In case we aren’t clear here…DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW.

It will scar you for life for all the right reasons.