Everything in life can be related to golf. Stated as a simple equation Life = Golf.  Overstated? How does the birth of a child relate to golf? Well, of course, there is a leveling involved, but it is easy to find an analogy. 

Every new day on the course births an opportunity for something miraculous. See…..anything that happens in my day I can find relatable to either playing better, thinking smarter, or realizing something new about this horribly painful, equally enjoyable, or sometimes just average game depending on how the day went. And it’s not specific to any level of play. This philosophy is for anyone serious enough to feel that Golf = Life.

So let me tell you how this revelation came to me.  Yesterday I was a witness and participant in an escalator accident rescue. 

Yes, I became EscaHero…To The Rescue! 

My husband and I were nonchalantly riding down the mall escalator discussing the particularly un-ended ending of the film we had just seen for a rainy day matinee.  I added the comment that it had been way too long since I had enjoyed buttered movie popcorn.

This was my way of surreptitiously reminding him that it is one of my “dates of choice” rather than sitting in front of the Weather Channel.  I’m sure he got the hint.

This is the first part of the event that is every bit relatable to golf. I obviously thought I would sink the shot but as usual, I am probably misreading the green and the ball will surreptitiously round the cup and move on.  

Meanwhile, above and unbeknownst to us, a trio (woman, a man, and his elderly mother) begin their descent onto the moving steps.  Two women have boarded from below and are 1/4 of the way up when shouting begins…”Push the emergency stop! Push the emergency stop!”  We turn around to register the words, look at the center panel that says Emergency Stop and try to push.

Well, it isn’t that easy.

There is an extra step to pushing the Emergency Stop.  This part of the story is so completely relatable to golf that it is hardly worth halting this thrilling story, yet analogy obvious – nothing in golf is easy! 

Quickly I realize the plastic panel is liftable, revealing access to the Stop button…BOOM…smacked it.  The motion stopped, noise commenced and the old lady who had misstepped was precariously being supported by her son as they appeared there in front of us. (Golf analogy = smack it and see what happens next.)

The old lady was whimpering wildly and very frightened.  Her son was holding her up, excessively straining and making every attempt to keep her from face planting. The daughter-in-law (I am presuming) was hands in the air, frantically crying “get us help, get us help” as she looked at me (5’1” woman) and my husband (a slender-build man) she added, “we need a strong man”…not just saying it once but saying it over and over. 

Well, this is where the story most relates. Don’t listen to the insults being hurled at you by your buddies on the course? No, that is the analogy you might think of but not the one you are about to get.  

I earnestly and calmly approached with my EscaHero cape on.  I moved in low, using a power move, exerting mild effort and just enough finesse, I safely propelled the woman back into a seated position on the step behind her. Of course, I had to state over and over “sit back, sit back” in the same tone I use when I want my approach shot to “bite” and sit she did!  So brace yourself, I’m putting on my “women are great at golf too” cape to reveal the analogy.

Power isn’t always about strength.

And for any of you slightly built or diminutive framed golfers, follow certain swing tips of some golf experts. You too can be a hero at the tee! 

At least this story has a better ending than the movie we saw, but instead, you are probably obsessing about what my husband was doing throughout this scene. 

Enjoy your popcorn!