Tad Moore of Lake Worth beat 67 million-to-one odds on Oct. 19 when he made two holes-in-one in the same round of golf.


“That’s what someone said the odds were,” Moore recalled a few days later.

Playing at Park Ridge Golf Course off Lantana Road, Moore aced the 120-yard ninth hole with a pitching wedge and the uphill 125-yard 16th with a 7-iron.

“You can only see the top of the flagstick from the 16th tee,” Moore said. “I had changed to a yellow ball a couple of holes earlier and when I hit it I thought it was pretty straight. We looked around when we got up to the green and my playing partner, George Movosel, finally found it in the hole. What a surprise.”

A semi-retired salesman with a 10 handicap, Moore finished with 71 even though he said: “after 16, I was so nervous I three-putted the last two holes.”

His only other hole-in-one was in 1996 at Palm Beach Gardens Municipal, Moore said.

And, in case you’re wondering, tradition has it that any golfer making an ace has to buy drinks for everyone in the bar afterward. What, pray tell would making two aces on the same day force a golfer to pay up? Dinner and drinks for all?

Luckily for Moore, he said he only had to buy drinks after his eventful round of golf.

Photo and article from Palm Beach Post © SEAN STEINEMANN/SPECIAL TO THE POST/The Palm Beach Post, Fla. www.palmbeachpost.com