2020 is a new year, a new decade, new you! You’re going to really invest yourself and take your golf goals seriously this year and go from a hack to a stick. This is the year you finally beat Old Man James in the $5 Saturday game. 

While you’re still hot on those New Year’s resolutions, let’s capitalize on one of the most popular resolutions – read more. Yes, my posts are full of insight and pretty game-changing. But let’s face it, I’m not a machine. I can only pump out so much content while holding down my full-time gig and raising a family. 

So while you wait with bated breath for my words of wisdom, I want to give you some strong recommendations of additional reading material to get your 2020 golf game off to a strong start. 

Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect – Bob Rotella

Yes, this book was written in 1995. But it continues to be one of the best books for golfers. Bob knows his stuff. If you were to pick just one book from the list, start here.  It’s not just good content, it’s a fun read. Bob will help you understand that those things you think are so complex, really are simpler than you thought. 

The Mindful Golfer – Stephen Altschuler

I love this book, I love this concept. I think that this book can change your life in that mindfulness is an incredible practice and strategy. Stephen will teach you how to be more present and focus on your game rather than ruminating on past shots or freaking out about upcoming ones. Presence in the moment will transform your game. 

Fearless Golf – Gio Valiante 

Fear of mistakes sabotages your game. You may not feel “scared” per se, but we often fear failure. This book will help you manage that emotion and eliminate the impact by improving confidence and giving you specific strategies to do so. 

Peak – Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool

Ok ok, so this one isn’t golf-specific. But if you’re someone who likes to understand the science side of things, this one’s for you. It focuses on how to use smart strategies for getting better at life and the things you care about (presumably golf). 

Be a Player – Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott

This book is based on a training program that these authors developed. I’m not sold on it being a groundbreaking new approach, but I think there’s some value in it. In theory, this book can help you gain some insight into you. Better understand the things that affect you on the course. And I’ll argue insight is the key to change. 

Zen Golf – Joseph Parent

Not dissimilar from the Mindful Golfer. The language and approach vary but it complements the concept well. It gives you a practical way to implement the teachings as well. 

Six books seem like a good start, right? Happy New Year and get reading!