From improving physical and mental performance to swing analysis and fun on-course challenges, here are 5 new golf apps to download this summer.

  1. Trainfuly Golf  | starts at $14.99/month

Looking to recover from an injury or improve your strength to help your game but don’t know where to start? Check out Trainfuly,  an online golf rehab and performance training portal that offers both corrective training to correct muscle imbalances, joint dysfunctions, movement impairments, and more, as well as training programs to help enhance performance by optimizing stability, strength, and power specifically for golf. The app features videos and guidance from certified strength and conditioning specialist Thomas Malchow, along with access to weekly performance rehab and training sessions and Q&As.

Download Trainfuly here.

  1. D3 Golf | free

Finally, an easy way to keep track of side bets with your friends on the golf course… without relying on that one friend who is mathematically challenged or the one who always volunteers to commandeer the scorecard… but also seems to win disproportionately. 

With D3 Golf, you can choose from Skins, Nassau, Stableford, Stroke Play, Dots, Best Ball or Scramble formats, locate your course on the app, invite friends, and track scoring/check the leaderboard as you play. D3 will calculate indexes, handicaps, slopes, and more for you.  

I also love that this app has a remote option, meaning that you can even challenge a player at a different course! Download it here.

  1. Stick and Hack Challenge App | free

With the Challenge App, you don’t have to have a low handicap to be able to celebrate your golfing accomplishments. Essentially, we’ve gamified the game. Play golf as you always have, but now we’re given you a new set of objectives, accomplishments, and challenges to help you play better, play more, or just enjoy the round in a different way. Choose from a variety of challenge cards such as “Make a Double Bogey or Better on #1 and #18”, “Make 3 Pars in a Row”, “Complete the Entire Round with No O.B.’s” and more. 

Track your goals,  gain points, and climb your way to the top of the global leaderboard. You can also invite your friends to a private leaderboard. 

Find the Challenge App in the App Store.

  1. V1 Golf | free and paid versions

You’re already taking videos of your swing, so you might as well try to use them to improve your game.  V1 allows you to capture and review your swings with powerful analysis and playback tools such as drawing tools, swing comparison, slow motion, and frame-by-frame. The app also allows you to connect with one of the thousands of instructors who teach with V1 Sports. Send them your videos for analysis and receive voice-over video lessons. 

Download V1 Golf Here.

  1. Imagine Golf | free and paid versions

Last but not least, the mental side of the game is an important component that is often overlooked. That’s where Imagine Golf comes in. This app provides daily tips, tee shot visualizations, and more in short, bite-sized increments to help sharpen the mental game, direct positive energy through your thoughts and unlock new levels of focus. 

Download Imagine Golf here.