Just when you think the world has shifted itself to your favor and life is looking good, you read about a couple who’s golf life is unbelievable! This is the kind of story that proves that you are a selfish and unbearable human being. Why? Because when you read it, you will hate these people and love them all in the same breath.

A hole-in-one is often referred to as an ace.

It is, without a doubt, one of rarest achievements in all of golf. There are some solid, longtime players who have never recorded an ace.

It’s been estimated that the odds against an average golfer getting a hole-in-one during his or her golf career are 12,500-to-1.

A York County couple, however, has beaten the odds — again and again and again.

If fact, Bob and Lynn Newcomer now have a staggering 13 aces between them.

On a roll: Bob, in particular, has been on a serious hole-in-one roll of late, recording four aces over the last 11 months. That surge has allowed the Out Door Country Club golfer to pass his wife in their friendly hole-in-one rivalry. Bob now has seven aces, compared with six for Lynn.