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Sharing a unique enthusiasm for the game and need for sophisticated entertainment, Stick and Hack is the greatest golf club in the world without the course.

We showcase the sophistication and ridiculousness of golf all while building a community of golfers celebrating the highs and lows of the sport.

Podcast, stories, humor, satire, and golf gear from a Stick and a Hack! You don’t have to be a member to enjoy it but you get free stuff if you do.

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Read the stories, blogs, satire, and more pointless drivel to fill your day between work and the course.

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Don’t you worry we won’t be talking about launch angle and how moisture affects your ball flight. This is the most sophisticated and sarcastic golf show in the free world.

The Store

The golf brand that has the sophistication for the stick and the absurdity for the hack. Get shirts, hats, hoodies, ball markers, and more from our store.

The Stories of Stick and Hack

Read more content from the clubhouse and the critically acclaimed Diary of a Hack

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