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Two guys were sitting at a bar is the beginning of every good story, joke, and in this case – Stick and Hack. Talking about their shared love of golf and the community of friends that it builds, they decided to build their own golf club with a twist. Stick and Hack is the greatest golf club in the world, without the course.

Our media and content platform allows our members to share in our unique enthusiasm for the game, friendships, and connection the sport brings to every one of us regardless if we are a stick or a hack.

Podcasts, articles, cartoons, satire, members-only clubhouse, and original documentaries and stories from a Stick and a Hack! Become a FREE member today and enjoy a club of like-minded people from all over the world who love their friends, family, and golf.

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Original stories, features, opinions, satire, and golf fables to fill your day between work and the course. This is golf content that brings a different side of golf to your day.


The Shows

From The Stick & Hack Show, a bi-weekly look at the stories of golf and life, to The Business of Golf, showcasing how money is made and spent in the golf world, our podcast network has something for you.



Meet, connect, and share your love of golf and life with other members from all over the world. A truly unique connection to the world of golf awaits you in our member’s clubhouse.


What Does Being a Member Mean?

Stick and Hack membership connects you to the game of golf through entertainment, original content, and a community of like-minded golfers.
We love the game of golf, but more importantly, we find the greatest enjoyment through the people, connections, friendships, and stories the game gives each of us. Members wearing the Stick and Hack logo, love the game of golf but don’t take it too seriously.
If this sounds like you, join a community where the highs and lows of the game are celebrated with fellow members, and connect to the game in a way you’ve never connected before. Welcome to the world’s greatest golf club without the course.
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